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Don’t take advice from friends about your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Divorce

No two divorces are exactly the same, which is why the best rule to follow is not to take the advice of people who aren’t going through your situation. While others have been divorced and might have good tips for you, some of their knowledge or experiences may not help in your situation.

For most people, the goal of a divorce is to separate assets and to move on with their lives. Too often, others try to influence them and their approach to a divorce. This is why you should work with your attorney. Your attorney will give you the facts about your divorce and make it easy for you to see the correct path forward. Your attorney won’t misguide you or give you a false sense of what you’ll walk away with.

The only people who know what your marriage will end like are the people who got married to begin with. You and your spouse are in control of the divorce and how you treat one another during the divorce process. It’s in both of your best interests to work together, instead of being contentious.

Your attorneys can help you both learn more about the rights and responsibilities you have during a divorce. They can help you work through negotiating a settlement and suggest techniques such as mediation, arbitration or collaborative divorce, one or all of which may be helpful to your divorce case. Our site has more on what you should consider if you believe that you want to get a divorce or have been served divorce papers.