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A difficult custody challenge can take you back to court

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2019 | Divorce

You and your ex-spouse went through a difficult divorce, and it took you a long time to settle on a custody agreement you were both happy with. Now, however, you’re displeased with the fact that your ex-spouse seems to be keeping things your kids to take to their home, and you have heard that they’re no longer working.

Your main concern is that they’re taking your children’s new items and selling them for money or keeping them at the home to make up for what they can’t provide. You want to make sure items are coming home with them, and you need to guarantee that you have your children more often if your ex-spouse can’t afford to care for them properly.

How can you seek changes in your custody arrangements?

One thing you can do is to ask for a modification of custody through the court. Generally speaking, parents can ask to change their custody arrangements anytime that they believe their circumstances have changed enough to justify changing their parenting arrangements. For example, if you want to make sure your children stay with you more often due to your ex-spouse losing their job, you can show why you feel that way and seek a change in custody through the court.

On the whole, someone losing their job may not be enough to change custody, but if you can show that it’s affecting their parenting, then you have a good chance of altering the arrangement. Your attorney will work with you to find a resolution that works for you moving forward.