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When you are frustrated with the actions of your real estate agent and believe that they've intentionally led you astray to get you to purchase a property, you may be interested in filing a civil lawsuit. A civil lawsuit allows you to seek compensation for your losses or to seek other help from the court.

In a civil lawsuit, the jury looks at the evidence provided to decide if the defendant should be held responsible for damages that were alleged by the plaintiff. When you go to trial, the plaintiff, you in this case, get to make your case against the defendant and seek a judgment against the defendant. The trial is also the time when the defendant gets to refute your claims and provide evidence against any claims you make.

Not all cases will have a jury, and some only have a judge presiding. Once hearing all of the evidence, the judge will decide if the defendant is liable. If so, the judge will determine how much the defendant should have to pay to make the situation right.

During a civil lawsuit, you'll want to make sure that the jury, if there is one, is not biased. Your attorney's job will be to help guarantee a fair trial and to make sure that your opening statements, witnesses and closing arguments all line up and support your case.

Our site has more on civil lawsuits and how they can help you if you've been taken advantage of or been a victim of real estate fraud of any kind. The right help is essential in these cases.

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