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Preparing your children for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Family Law

If your marriage is headed for divorce it’s important to guide the children through the situation as easily as possible. Divorce is never easy when there are children in the marriage. You need to let them express their feelings and thoughts about what is happening. They must also know that they are not the reason for the split. Here’s how you can prepare your children for divorce.

Have an open, honest discussion with your children and your spouse. Everyone should be present for this talk. Make sure you set aside enough time to have a long discussion so you don’t have to rush your children through such an incredible revelation.

Answer the questions your children ask. If you cannot provide an answer at the time the question is asked you should let your child know you will get back to them as soon as you can.

Let the children know that their emotions and reactions to the news are normal. Everyone will feel upset, angry, sad and scared when it comes to divorce. Also, let them know that they can express their emotions and opinions freely without repercussions.

Explain to the children what the living arrangements will be for the family moving forward. Let them know they will split time with both parents but will receive the same amount of love and care as they did before the divorce was finalized.

Preparing your children for divorce is not an easy subject. You will need to have a difficult conversation with your children involving you and your spouse. Never blame each other and never blame the children.