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Set up your estate plan today and avoid procrastinating

It isn't always fun to sit down and think about growing older, becoming impaired or passing away. It can be frustrating and fill you with anxiety to think of everything you'd have to take care of legally before that occurs.

It's important to put your estate plan into perspective. This is the one legal product that can protect you, your family and your beneficiaries. It's your way to communicate when you are no longer able to in any other way. It's a way to protect your assets and to distribute them to your family and loved ones.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a solution for your debt issues

When you started taking on debt, the idea was that having a rotating credit line would help your credit score. You spent money and paid it off the following month. Sometimes, you'd let a small balance remain.

Over time, that small balance began to grow as life's little hiccups occurred. Now, you have thousands in debt and are struggling to pay the bills. What's worse is that your job has been cutting hours, and you're not sure you'll be able to pay any of your debts this month.

Help your children adjust to visitation with these 3 tips

Your children are old enough to understand what a divorce is and what happens during one, but one thing that you've noticed is that they're having a hard time adjusting to the new custody schedule. You knew there might be some issues at first, but over time, you've realized that your children are having some real problems coping.

One of the main issues you've been seeing is that your children are going on the wrong buses to come home or are forgetting to go to the correct parent's home after an after-school activity. Since one of your children is old enough to drive, you're not very sure how to reinforce the visitation schedule.

Here's why you should work with a real estate attorney

Issues with real estate can be extremely frustrating, since there is so much money on the line. That's why it's a smart choice to work with a real estate attorney. Real estate attorneys are trained to handle legal issues that surround the purchase or sale of a home among other real estate topics.

If you find yourself asking why you'd need a real estate attorney, the answer is that they are there to protect your best interests. While your realtor may be interested in helping you, they also want to make a sale. A seller, even if well-intentioned, just wants to move the property and get it out of their possession for a profit.

Don't make these 2 major estate planning mistakes

There are many mistakes that can be made when building a solid estate plan, which is why it's advisable to work with an attorney. Even if you think you've done everything right, a small slip-up could threaten your entire estate, so it's worth having someone with legal experience review what you'd like to do and to make sure your estate plan is set up correctly.

Many people make mistakes when putting together estate plans. For that reason, you should know some common errors that you can avoid with some foresight.

What kind of home should you choose for your kids after divorce?

When you decided to get a divorce, you knew that your children would have to go through it, too. You knew that you wouldn't be guaranteed custody, either. Now, you've found that you need to assert yourself and show that you're a good parent, because your estranged spouse is doing their best to make it seem like you aren't.

One thing to think about carefully is providing the best possible space for your children once you move out of your marital home. If you have to get a new home or apartment, you want to make sure you have space for your children and that it is safe and clean. You don't have to go beyond what you can afford, and a judge and the courts will be able to see if you're putting in an effort.

Co-parenting tips that can save you money

When a marriage comes to an end and there are children involved, the central issue becomes the welfare of the kids and putting a co-parenting plan in place. Divorce can present financial difficulties for both former spouses which means planning for a child’s future needs can be a challenge.

Good communication is the key when it comes to a co-parenting agreement. While responsibilities may be spelled out in the divorce decree, both parents need to be on the same page for all the child’s current and future living expenses.

Four tips for managing your finances through divorce

Getting a divorce can be costly. You will have charges specifically for the divorce like attorney or mediator fees. You may have to refinance loans so that you and your spouse can separate the payments. And once the divorce is final, you will have to start supporting your household with one income instead of two.

Understanding the financial burdens of divorce can help you prepare. Here are some tips for managing your finances through divorce:

Ask these questions before deciding on divorce

You have been considering getting a divorce from your spouse, but you're not sure if it's the right option. In this situation, it's truly best for you not to do anything yet. When you speak with your spouse about divorce, it may break all levels of trust that you've built over time. It can be hurtful and may even result in the end of your relationship when you aren't sure that's what you want.

Before you decide to divorce, it's important to ask yourself a few questions. These are as follows:

Preventing conflict when not giving an equal inheritance

Depending on your situation, you may not choose to split your inheritance equally among your children. In an equitable inheritance, you decide how to split your inheritance fairly while considering more factors than just monetary value.

This split differs from an equal inheritance, where each child gets an inheritance of the same monetary value. Instead, each child gets a different amount based on other factors.

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